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buy Cookie Dough strain is superstar Girl Scout Cookies phenotype and is close to it in the effects. It is a hybrid with a varying potency of 17-25% THC.

This potent GSC offspring has inherited a prevalent terpenes profile, which builds its aromatic composition. This weed has a strong peppery taste with the notes of citrus and berries.

Cookie Dough Strain Effects and Common Usage
Users love this strain for its balanced effects that bring happy euphoria and relax the body simultaneously. The high is often described as very social, giggles provoking, creative and, in some cases, psychedelic. It sharpens senses and boosts energy. Cookie Dough cannabis perfectly suits for social gatherings, watching movies, or listening to music. Consumers note that this cannabis makes everything more enjoyable and fun. When the high comes to the final points, here comes the sedation and deeply relaxing sleep. Users recommend using this strain in the first part of the day.

The marijuana is low in CBD, so it only cures mild cases of chronic pains. Its anti-inflammatory properties are useful against nausea or headaches. Mood uplifting effects work well for depression and stress. But those who are prone to panic should avoid this cannabis.

Growing Information about Cookie Dough Weed Strain
Growing these plants is a pretty tricky task, even for advanced breeders. Cookie Dough seeds available in online stores or on our website. With the flowering time of 8-9 weeks, this herb requires special treatment and regular checking for mold and mildew.


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