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Developed by breeders from the Rare Darkness Seeds, El Jefe OG strain combines lineage gotten from its parents Abusive OG and Rare Dankness #1. Known for its medium potency, this Indica-dominant has a THC content that clocks in at between 20% and 22% on average so measuring the dosage before consumption is recommended. As reported, the best time to smoke this weed is after dark buy El Jefe OG strain.

Strain Aroma and Taste

Limonene takes the dominant position in El Jeffe strain’s terpene profile and brings bright notes into aroma and taste. The nugs of this cannabis strain are reek of sour lemon mixed with spices and earth. Some users prize El Jefe weed strain for a slightly pungent and fresh lemony taste with piney shades and spicy aftertaste on the exhale.

Main Effects of El Jefe Strain

El Jefe marijuana strain might be a flawless choice for those who appreciate calming high after the full of woes long day. The powerful and relaxing effect help to get rid of nerves and let in joy and calmness. The body dizziness, sleepiness, and euphoric state are the most commonly reported effects gotten from the El Jefe strain. Its sleep-inducing effect may lead to couch-lock thus this marijuana pairs well with motionless leisure.

It should be noted that the medicinal use of El Jefe strain is more likely to outweigh recreational use due to the strong sedative and relaxation effect. This strain is useful to reduce symptoms of stress, depression, anxiety, and insomnia as well as dull pain and migraines.

Info for growers
EL Jefe plants are suitable for cultivating both indoors and outdoors. Indoors, it flowers within 9-10 weeks awarding gardeners with an average harvest. Outdoors, the harvest is expected in mid-October. Its seeds are available for online purchase.


1/2 Pound (240 grams), 1/4 Pound (120 grams), 1/8 Pound (60 grams), A Pound (440 grams), An Ounce (30 grams)


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