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The website clearly states the purchase amount and the rights and obligations of the customer, should he decide to accept the offer.

Ganjawalk dispensary only ships the goods after having received the payment. Ganjawalk dispensary concede themselves the right to refuse orders or to process the order at a later date if payment is confirm.

All products bought from us come with a statutory warranty.
This means that a product must be in good condition and should perform properly when used. If you receive a product that does not fulfill this requirement then we will provide you with a repair, a replacement or a refund depending on the product.

In addition to the statutory warranty, certain products come with a manufacturer’s warranty which is an extra guarantee provided by the manufacturer or importer. More information on the manufacturer can be found in the product documentation. If you have a defective product which falls under warranty, please contact us first by email or through our contact form.

Delivery takes place after the payment has been received, we do not proceed with and shipment after 4 PM.
We ship our products discreetly and we are 99.99% sure and guaranteed of delivery.  Ganjawalk dispensary does not want to encourage anybody to act against the law. We want to emphasis that anybody using our products is fully responsibly for their own future actions.

Ganjawalk dispensary  cannot be held accountable for damage as a result of improper or unlawful use of the purchased products.

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