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order big Apple strain is not just the nickname for New York City anymore. It is also the name of a cannabis strain from Alpha Genetics. This strain comes from a combination of a Mexican sativa and an Afghani. The pairing of these two strains created Big Apple, an indica dominant hybrid strain. The strain’s reported balanced effects provide a potentially positive experience for any type of cannabis user.

There appear to be a couple of strains named Big Apple floating around the internet. The other genetic combination is Apple Fritter and Sherbet. Both genetic pairings create potent cannabis strains. Whether it was named after New York or not is unknown.

This indica dominant strain is a cross of a Mexican sativa and an Afghani strain. This strain provides potentially euphoric and mood-elevating effects paired with a powerful couch-locking punch that might leave you confused about how you should feel.

Apple flavored foods hold a special place in my heart. I will inhale an entire pie if provided the appropriate amount of

cannabis. The Big Apple strain brings that flavor and provides the necessary boost to eat an entire pie and still want seconds. Pair this tart apple flavor with some creamy undertones and you won’t be able to tell the difference between a real apple pie and this strain.

This strain might be perfect for managing migraines and elevating those downer days to a more uplifting mood. Big Apple offers a multitude of potential effects suitable for cannabis users of a variety of experience levels. The Big Apple strain will deliver on immense flavor and balanced effects every time


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