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White Shark Cannabis Oil Vape Cartridge

White Shark Cannabis Oil Vape Cartridges Strain type: Sativa
Oil Extraction Method: Sub-critical CO2

THC: (THC + THCa): 63.07%
CBD:(CBD + CBDa): 2.56%

White Shark Cannabis Oil Vape Cartridges is a potent strain that is known for its ability to provide a strong Indica body buzz very quickly. For this reason White Shark Cannabis Oil Vape Cartridges it’s often recommended medically to treat chronic pain ailments. The Sativa qualities of this strain keep this heavy hitter from being a complete knockout, but it isn’t recommended for days when a lot of work needs to get done. It has a strong fruity aroma that also alludes to its Super Skunk lineage. Also known as Peacemaker or just White Shark, this strain won the 1997 High Times Cannabis Cup.

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CartridgeBerryDieselEuphoricGigglyGreat White SharkHappyPungentSativa

About this strain: Great White Shark

The folks at Greenhouse Seeds crossed their award-winning White Widow, a mix of Brazilian and South Indian indica, with Super Skunk to get another award winner: Great White Shark, also called Peacemaker.

Great White Shark is 80% indica and has strong relaxation and pain relief effects that linger, according to the breeder. This strain tests at 14.9% THC and 0.81% CBD. Other sources online say the buds have an earthy, fruity, spicy flavor profile.

The strain won second place in Bio at the High Times’ Cannabis Cup in 1997, second place in Best Cannabis at the High Times Cannabis Cup in 1997, and first place in Hydro-Seedbanks at the Highlife Cup in 2005.

It has a strong fruity aroma that also alludes to its Super Skunk lineage.


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