The G-13 Strain

buy G-13 Strain The legend surrounding the G-13 strain is equal parts urban legend and spy novel. It is rumored that this potent strain originated in a top-secret government lab and was then secretly smuggled out into the open. Its high is both potent and relaxing, with an uplifting, happy cerebral effect. Users report that the strain gives them a clear mind, and they feel elated, focused, and more relaxed than ever buy G-13 Strain online.

The G13 strain produces a heavy buzz that lasts a long time and induces a deep sense of relaxation. Those who are suffering from chronic pain or depression should consider trying this strain. It also has an excellent reputation for treating insomnia. Users report a sweet earthy flavor with a smooth skunky exhale. The aroma is very potent and powerful, and the buds are dense, with sparse amber hairs and a thick layer of light blue crystal trichomes.

The THC content of this strain is high compared to other strains, but there is no evidence of this. Some sources estimate the THC content at up to 28 percent, but the University of Mississippi has concluded that the maximum THC content of marijuana strains is around nine percent. The G13 strain has never been tested at a higher concentration, but a few users have smoked real G13 Weed and swear it is very potent. Regardless, the inconsistencies point to a private grower.

The aroma of the G13 Weed is pleasant and pungent. The exhale has a skunky berry overtone. The G13 high begins with a short-lived burst of energy and motivation but lingers for a while before it fades into deep sedation. Some patients report experiencing an improved mood after taking a few hits of this strain. This strain is also good for treating chronic pain and inflammation.

The G13 plant is a popular strain, and there are several varieties out there. Some of these strains are feminized, and the seeds are self-pollinated. The original G13 plant was a female, and the genetics of the female is believed to be in the genes of other strains. It is believed that the only true G13 plant was a single female. There have been no reports of pure G13 cannabis seeds, though feminized seeds may exist.

The G13 Kush is very potent and has been reported to cause paranoia and anxiety in novice users. It has also been known to cause dizziness and cottonmouth, which is especially troublesome in novice smokers. Users also report feeling dizzy and sleepy, which are signs of dehydration. Drinking water is a good way to reduce these side effects. The G-13 Strain may cause paranoia and can even be dangerous if ingested.

The G-13 Strain is said to have originated from a top-secret marijuana lab that was developed by the FBI and CIA. There, researchers collected the strongest strains in the world and bred them to create super hybrids for medical purposes. One of these researchers accidentally stole a clipping from the G13 strain while working on another super hybrid. That clipping of the G-13 Strain is what has paved the way for several new marijuana varieties today buy G-13 Strain online.

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